Whisky Café

On Wednesday and Thursday we offer you fruit pie and on Friday and Saturday we offer whisky, fruit and meringue cake.

You can taste over 250 Whiskies and 100 Ungrainspies in our Whisky Café.

Rarities as:

Springbank, Macallan, Highland Park, Pittyvaich,

all 75 Krüger Bottlings and old Fitzgeralds & Jim Beams

Old Rums, Cognacs, Brandies, Sherries & Ports

Here you find our drink menus:

Drink menu hot & cold

Drink menu Whisky house brand

Drink menu Whisky Scotch Malt

Drink menu Whisky, Sherry, Rum, Liquers

Drink menu Whisky World

Some impressions from now: