Whisky Museum

Thomas Krüger’s Whisky Collection is showing the full range and variety of whiskey in all its forms. It is a brilliant example for marketing strategies of Scottish and German whisky companies. Thomas Krüger started his collection in 1974 with a single miniature of „Vat69“. Today the collection comprises of 7,132 whisky miniatures with 487 of them produced before 1945. From 1990 on standard sized bottles were included. Specifically distillery bottlings from the 70s and 80s with varying packaging, eg. gift-sets or cardboard and wooden boxes are now the prized backbone of the collection. Shipment packaging from cardboard and wooden boxes for export from the 50s and 60s, mostly holding 12 bottles, also found their way into the collection. German whiskies and whiskies from all over the word are also a huge part of the collection today. These days, advertisement figurines and promotional items are Thomas Krüger’s passion. Especially items from the 1950s are the things he is constantly on the look-out for.