Baffo No. 8

38,50 €
110 €/l

Single Malt
11 years old
banana, hot spices and chili

„Baffo" Forever Edition No.8

This single cask of Bunnahabhain , Moine"
Islay single malt distilled 1.12.2006 is specially
selected by Thomas Krüger to commemorate
Mr. Edward Giaccone (Baffo).
Edward Giaccone owned a Maltwhisky-Bar in Salo
at the Lago di Garda in Italy.
The malt whisky belongs to his life like a label belongs to a whiskybottle.
I only met him once, but this meeting was so impressive,
that Baffo is one of the most important whisky men of the 20th century for me.

This excellent cask of Bunnahabhain ,,Moine"
honours his lifework, because the taste
is so extraordinary like „Baffo" was.

Smell the fine mellowed peaty flavours
and taste banana, hot spices and chili.
In the summertime you can take
frozen wineglasses to drink it,
this was the „Baffo" way to taste malts.