America No. 2

39,50 €
56,43 €/l

GeDi Bourbon
6 years old
light & soft oak with popcorn

America Edition No.2
American Sour Mash Whiskey
Amerigo Vespucci, named godfather of America:
*March 9, 1451, 1452 or 1454 in Florence;
+February 22, 1512 in Seville was a merchant,
navigator and explorer. During his travels he explored
large parts of the east coast of South America.
The decision of the German cartographer Martin
Waldseemüller to name the new continent America
on his world map of 1507 is based on the use of these
word Americi by Vespucci.
The label shows the presentation Vespuccis from
The taste is: light & soft oak with popcorn.
Please taste this whiskey pure as
whiskey lovers do.